Final plumbing connection questions

Mar 3, 2021
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Hi everyone, I just want to make sure I'm straight on my plans and thought I'd run it by the group so I'm not running back and forth to HD a bunch of times.

I have an intake bay so the pump will be in a pump vault. I have this oase pump with an extra inlet, and the aquascape double union check valve. There's a 2 inch threaded outlet so my plan is to thread a pvc elbow onto that, glue it to the slip fitting of the union of my double union check valve. Then on the outflow of the check valve do a threaded pvc connection that is glued to my 2 inch flex pvc that leads to the bog. I have a ball valve I'm going to attach to adjust the flow. I think I'll have it where the flex pvc meets the grid for the bog and just hide it behind a rock or something. No reason it needs to be right after the pump right?

For the secondary intake I have this oase satellite that will live at the bottom of the pond on top of some gravel and filled with bio balls as a pre-filter and to get some circulation from the bottom in addition to the intake bay taking water from the top. It has a barbed fitting thingie, not sure what it's called exactly. My plan was to cut it for 1.5 inch outlet use and attach a fernco to go from that to 1.5 inch flex pvc, to a threaded union on the inlet to the pump.

Does that all make sense? So for taking out the pump theoretically all I need to do is unscrew the union from the satellite, and unscrew the union leading to the check valve and voila.

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