Apr 26, 2011
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Hi I'm back for more advice over the last couple of day I've noticed what looks like a clear jelly by one of my pumps I can't see anything in it and I was wondering if anyone knew what it could be I don't think it's eggs because my goldfish have only been in the pond for about 6 to 8 weeks and are still for most of the time hiding even when I feed them, even then to get them to eat I have to soak the pellets before hand to get them to sink to the bottom of the pond then when after a while the fish feed so I'm not sure if this is making the jelly I know i shouldn't leave the food in past 10 mins but if I don't they don't eat.


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Mar 23, 2011
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Small clear jelly about the size of a #2 pencil eraser is usually a sign of snail eggs, tadpole frog eggs will usually be about the same size, have a small black dot in the center and usually clustered, Toad eggs are long strings of jelly looking strings with a row of small black dots, newts have a larger jelly mass ( usually the size of a golf ball up to the size of a softball and firm jelly like)and the embryo when first laid will be tiny brown specks that turn darker and grow larger as they develop. left over food can get a jelly surface around it but is normally slightly milky in color and in most cases the food will be in wrapped by the slimy coating and may actually have stringy looking fungus appearing to come from it, last is a jelly mass that is very firm and extremely large, basketball size or bigger, These are formed by an insect, not sure what kind but they have a life span that is quite long, this egg mass is not normally seen in garden ponds and is more common in natural occurring ponds. There are very possibly more that could occur in a pond but these are the more common ones that I am aware of.

BTW, if you can post a pic it would be a lot more helpful in trying to identify but no guarantee.

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