winterizing in 7b -- north Atlanta suburbs

Mar 5, 2014
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Hey pondkeepers in my area! I am just building my pond. I don't know if it will be up and running by this winter or not -- but I did want to ask what you all do for the winters. It is hotter than heck right now. Most winters we are literally praying for some snowflakes, but seldom get any. We have some days and nights that get below freezing, but they are usually few and far between. We've had the occasional "arctic blast" make its way down here, into the single digits at night. Again -- that is rare. I was wondering if anyone is in the same area, and what you all do for the winter.

I am planning an 8 x 11 pond with a small waterfall and skimmer. I plan to have an area with a max depth of 3 feet, as well as a little culvert "fish cave" to let the fish hide from predators. The pond will be up against a stone wall and will get midday and afternoon sun.

My gut is thinking that with all the pipes buried and the water moving, most times it will be fine. Typically, most of our big cold comes in the form of wind chill. We never have cold that goes deep enough to heave things out of the ground. I think the ground stays fairly warm.

We might get a degree or two colder than Atlanta proper. Any Atlanta pond peeps out there?



Apr 28, 2011
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NW Louisiana -- zone 8b
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I'm in zone 8b-ish (they re-zoned us a year or so ago from 8a-ish.....), and from your description, our weather patterns sound similar. I let everything run throughout the winter months, though I will crank back flow rates just a little. Have not had an issue with freezing, but I do keep an eye on things. I even keep the turtle-bog going.

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