Goldfish damage to scales and single black spot

Aug 8, 2020
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United Kingdom
Excuse the poor pictures. I have 5 fish in my pond. Four of them I bought in May this year. Three shubunkins and a comet. The other was a goldfish my mum and dad had in a tiny tank for about 10 years. So she has been added to the pond. Everything is still alive and this is my first pond winter. However I've noticed the goldfish from my mum and dad's has some damage to the scales and a black dot in the centre. It's hard to get a picture and hard to explain. This time of year all the fish are slower. They do feed if I throw in some wheatgerm pellets. I can't see it being disease this time of year. Maybe the missing scales are from spawning earlier in the year. Seriously those male fish bully the females and she's a female who has plumped up massively since being added to the pond. Is their anything I should do in spring. Add any treatment? Sorry the pictures are poor. Il try and get better ones tomorrow. If you look at the back left side of the fish from the way its facing. Towards the tail end of the fish on the body you can make out a black dot and a round patch of white/scale damage


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Jan 21, 2018
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United States
Interesting. Last year one of my favorite pond fish (a large fantail) got a black spot on her right after a heron attack (which got a few other fish in the pond). After a few days, the black spot got bigger and some more came out. I called my ichthyologist friend (retired U of DE prof) and he said to get some methylene blue for the fish & follow the directions. We did - and the spots ALL DISAPPEARED (but we had to follow the difficult instructions very accurately).

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