Useful tips when treating your fish

Oct 9, 2012
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1) First take water perameter readings paying particular attention to the Ph if 8.5 and you have salt in the pond *** Note

2) Make sure you have the right treatment for the right infection otherwise your treatment will be a waste of a treatment and good money.

3) It is a good idea to stay by your pond for a good 30 minutes after treating your fish
4) If your fish is suffering from a bacterial infection check which you have i;e gram positive or gram negative then treat accordingly .

5) Observe your fish very carefully for any signs of distress , should your fish become stressed it is a good idea to start water changes on your pond iimmediately .

6) It is a good idea to treat your fish when you have the time to monitor them over a 30 minute period once every ten minutes will do fine, you will then be able to start water changes immediately should problems present themselves .

7) Make sure you read the manufacturers instructions and follow them to the letter .

8) Never add treatment for good measure and make sure you know the exact gallonage prior to treating the pond, many treatments are acctually poisonous chemicals and there is a very fine line between the correct dose and an overdose .

9) If you are in doubt seek advice of a professional imediately .

10) With some chemicals its a good idea to wear protective gloves and eye glasses, they can cause burns**** Note

11) If you netted your fish to check them out prior to treatment, make sure it is disinfected always net them correctly netting them wrongly can cause stress or damage to your fish *****note

12) Remove your water proof gloves before your eye glasses lest you get ny chemical residue in your eyes , once off make sure you wash the gloves in disinfectant.

13) Remember to dispose of any used bottles at your local chemist they will take them

14 Remember to stow any treatments securely away from children

Points of interest to Note !!!....

*** note formalin used at a Ph of 8.5 with salt in your system can become toxic to your fish .
**** the best glasses to buy are the industrial wrap around type.
*****note please read my article on how to correctly net your fish in the articles section of GPF.

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