Fishmate 15000 u/v filter

Mar 22, 2012
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Hi all,I do hope you find the following info useful.

I noticed that the uv tube on my Fishmate 15000 wasn,t working,on inspection I saw that the tube had blown,and that the ballast was very discolored,suspecting the ballast had burned out I went on e bay and discovered someone was selling a new unused ballast for a 15000,the seller said that Fishmate did not sell these seperately but were happy to relieve you of £60 for a complete unit,the e bay auction price was £8.50 + £4 postage,and still had several hours to run.
I have just purchased from R S Components the ballast I require.
The order number is Stock No 6657609 Electromagnetic ballast 240v/50Hz 10/13w MPN. ECO13 C102k 240/50.
Price £6 + vat.


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