Lily Fertilizer

Sep 12, 2015
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I have a heck of a time fertilizing my pond lilies.............because I don't know what to use! So I tried something on my own.

I bought some cheesecloth. (I found this in the paint section at Walmart!) I cut approximately a 4" piece, folded it in half and put approximately 1 teaspoon of Miracle Grow in the center of the folded cheesecloth. I folded over that and tied a single knot very tightly so it sort of looks like a circle so the Miracle Grow wouldn't come out. I pulled out my lily and poked a hole in the dirt with an old broom handle, dropped the "package" of Miracle Grow and covered up the hole with the dirt.

No much happened for about 3 weeks. But now I have 10-12 inch lily pads instead of my usual 2-3 inch pads. Also, there are so many the pad stick straight up through the others before they flattened out. Its like a "miracle" for me!

I've had no problem with algae at all. Also, I haven't seen any flowers either but I wanted the leaves anyway for shade.

I know this is such a hack but it sure worked for me.
Oct 28, 2013
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Northern IL
I've done the same with a piece of paper towel or a paper napkin. You could also try using a tablet or a stick type fertilizer to make it a bit easier on yourself. But I like how you think!

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