Making a raised pond but looking for feed back!

May 5, 2023
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United States
I have a crappy paint blue print for you all and my idea.
so id like to make a 12' by 6' pond 6' deep at the lowest end.
I would like to do one 3'' bottom drain to a plywood water proof sump 8' by 30'' 2' tall
then run it back to the pond. I have been considering a retro bottom drain over the bottom drain/
I feel better cutting a hole for the bulk head on wood would fit me better.( Yes I get they dont work as well as a bottom drain but aare they really that bad?)
If I did a bottom drain yes I would cement it in but it would be on dirt. (over time I feel the cemented drain would want to go down as well slowly pulling the liner down with it)??
I am digging the hole then putting 2'' by 6''s boards above ground up on ground lvl anchored down,Also screwed in at all corners and every 4' i plan to anchor down 4'' by4''s to screw into.
Please let me know ur thoughts!


  • the pond.png
    the pond.png
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  • The pond Retro.png
    The pond Retro.png
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