Simple pre-filter. An experience to share. :))


coyotes call me Charles
Oct 23, 2011
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Dalhart Texas
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435 gallon watergarden.

Thought i'd share my experience. I know this approach is not highly recommend and harshly reviewed so here it goes.

I am currently using a Tsurumi submersible 3630gph as my primary pump. It is in a lower end corner of the resevoir. I took leaf nets, ones ya put over a pond or pool, and I just bunched up 3 of them to be placed around my pump. Then, on top of this, I stacked a good 4" inch layer of 1~2" river rock. I was not around the house much at all during the whole month of August. So, this means my little pond became very gunky with leaves and a good bit of string algae all around my walls all over the place. I must have had a good 1/8" accumulation of muck from blowing dirt and everything else. I slowly vacuumed, paced it out several days, so try not to release too much hydrogen sulfide. Fish and test parameters ok so far. Here to say about the pump. No clogging. No restrictions. Flow rate has not changed. I bet there is gunk in there around my pump that is dissolving into the water column and I understand the ramifications and I don't care, heh. I think all of the leaf netting and layer of river rock is acting like a good prefilter where the river rock prevents leaves, twigs, big debris and the netting I hope holds back my toads, snakes, or any other critters wanting in there.

Welp, there ya go. Enjoy. :goldfish:

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