Tiny Pond - Giant Fountain Dreams

May 22, 2018
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Hey. This nozzle has a range from 3 feet to a very high 20 feet range using a 1 inch thread.


I wonder if at only 3 feet, it would fit in my tiny 220 gallon pond? Currently I have a riser for my fountain so it hits that before splashing into the pond. Curious if anyone has tried the Cascade at only 3 feet. If so is it manageable in a small space or does it create a ton of splash? Looking to add some variety to my pond. Maybe switch between the fountain jet and the cascade from time to time if it would be possible.

I can get my fountain jet up to 3 feet using a different pump on a non-windy day and if the stars and moon are in perfect alignment and nobody sneezes too close to the fountain.

Besides, Photoshop tells me it's possible...

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