Baby Alligator Turtle found my pond :-(

Mar 20, 2011
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near Effingham, Illinois
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Turns out this wasn't an alligator turtle after all, just a "common" snapping turtle. I agree, PremiumKoi, I do NOT want any snappers in my ponds. I've never seen one in there except the baby, though. I do get painted turtles every now and then, though, and they are welcome. I realize they could eat baby fish, but since all my fish are grown up, that's not a concern. The turtles wander in from my pasture pond, which is maybe 200 yards away from my back yard, out in the horse pasture. I can't keep them from wandering around, so I just am vigilant to watch for them to appear. Had a VERY large snake last year in the goldfish pond, tried to relocate him back to the pasture pond, but when it came back a month later, I had to kill it. Only other alternative would have been to relocate it, and I didn't fancy putting it in my car. LOL

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