Goldfish with huge belly but no pineconing of scales


Apr 28, 2011
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NW Louisiana -- zone 8b
Hardiness Zone
United States
There are videos on YouTube that instruct one on “releasing eggs,” but it’s something I would only recommend for someone who’s had previous experience. Not done properly and you can cause serious damage. Then, too, you’d want to be sure it was egg-binding to begin with. There is a good video — somewhere — that goes into how to tell the difference between an egg-bound female, dropsy (I think), and a tumor. Very educational. Maybe someone on here knows the one I’m talking about and can post it.


Aug 5, 2018
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She is indeed absurdly round! I guess if she continued to swim and eat I would just leave her be.

Welcome to the GPF by the way! We'd love to hear more about this little pond of yours - fountain basin you say? And no filtration for all these years - I'd love to see some pictures! I've seen a few goldfish ponds over the years that were similar - just plants, fish and water and everyone lived happy and healthy. Do you feed the fish?

And I must say, if my husband were an ob/gyn I'd tell him to apply his craft and figure it out! haha!
Hello, and thank you! Funny how my husband is attached to them and does absolutely nothing besides encourage my efforts! LOL

I am back to tending to her because I found her floating upside down a couple days ago, but still alive. I can turn her around and guide her to food, and she'll eat a little. I began Googling again, and found my way back here. I am on a deadline, but I will return and post some photos. This "pond" is in the basin of a fountain. No filtration, just plants and fish and frogs that have come to make it home, a garden snake (sometimes, but not for a year or two now -- really made my husband angry! LOL), and a heron, who comes up from the Seine to feed sometimes. We think. We have had a few adventures, but really never related to the water quality. I try to think to check pH now and again, and I sometimes do a general Tetris Medibath (I believe it is, green). We do feed most days (flakes and sticks), but they do fine if we don't as well. I try to keep the plants (water lilies, reeds, and elodea densa) to a reasonable quantity so that hey have plenty of space to swim about in and don't get overcrowded. They have a sort of shelter, as well, which they seem to appreciate. It's like a mini Giverny, with the water lilies. Essentially, they self-manage in terms of growth size, number, with a little help from the foodchain Mother Nature thought best to provide.

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