ground water problem in my pond

Feb 5, 2020
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United Kingdom
Here is a call for some help and advise .

I am building a pond but I have a big problem with ground water my pond depth is around 3 feet deep. Long storey cut short is I built a breeze block pond deep in the ground. I experienced ground water flooding the pond. So I had to rip out the concrete floor and dig deep and removed about 2-1 feet of clay soil and then filled 2-1 feet in with hardcore. I then expanded the pond and made it bigger but did decide to put more hardcore down to soak up water.

The big problem I have is the factory building behind my house is dumping all its water off its roof in guttering that is going into my garden and flooding it. I made some youtube videos talking about the problems I am having please watch the videos and let me know what you think .

Please leave me a comment on the videos for any advise you can give many thanks.



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