Koi Only Pond Pics:

Discussion in 'Garden Pond Talk' started by Marshall, Jun 18, 2017.

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    The new pond with the baby Koi is still not cleared up enough for the underwater video camera to see through well but the Koi only pond was clear so I tried to get a few shots of them because it is starting to rain again which always makes the water a bit cloudy. Hope to have some break in the weather soon so I can get better images of all the ponds.
    These are all Koi from the middle pond which was the one that survived the flood a while back as it was the newest at the time and so its retaining wall and overflow drain held up fine. If you remember the Koi I had in the big pond, these guys are almost the same size as those Koi were at that time. Last time I posted these guys though they were still about 3.5" to 4.0" so as you can see they are growing up pretty good. (y)

    12186414_967507799952105_2282381197801269655_o (1).jpg 12186414_967507799952105_2282381197801269655_o.jpg 12191280_967721176597434_1544302107470886931_o.jpg 12194703_967507979952087_1004507807747401355_o.jpg 12194997_967507689952116_6245906124778542140_o.jpg 12238032_967507763285442_4122532715538046328_o.jpg
    Marshall, Jun 18, 2017
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