Concrete pond construction

Apr 20, 2024
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Hello fellow pond enthusiasts,

I'm in the process of constructing a pond and would love to get some advice from those with experience in concrete pond construction. The pond has been excavated, revealing a sloping bedrock at the bottom. The sides are steep, almost vertical, and part of the pond structure is above ground, reinforced externally with a thick layer of soil and stone.

I plan to use concrete blocks for the sides, but I want to maintain the natural slope of the bedrock. To do this, I'll need to create a level base or foundation around the sides on the bedrock before setting the blocks. What would be the best approach for building the foundation? Could a circular slab reinforced with rebar work? What would be the best waterproofing agent or coating to apply to the concrete to prevent water leakage and protect aquatic life from the alkali content of the cement?

I'm aiming for a durable and eco-friendly solution that ensures the health of the pond's ecosystem. Any tips, product recommendations, or construction techniques would be greatly appreciated. I know that it would be easier to just use a pond liner but I am optíng not to.

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