Expanding pond without removing fish--has anyone done this?

Mar 20, 2011
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near Effingham, Illinois
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Kmarcel, I thought it seemed like that was your order you were going to add the liner, and you were concerned about not having a flat place to put the liners together. In my opinion, I would add the liner now, before you dig your "bridge", assuming you have extra liner over the edge of the pond where you will be adding the bridge. That way, the liner will be more flat, you can put it on a flatter surface, and add the new piece to it, no folds, or at least minimal folds if any, and you can put something flat underneath where the seam will be, plus can put weight on top of the seam after it has dried some, like Addy explained. This was why I suggested the attaching the new liner before you start digging, as once you dig your bridge, you will have an up and over, maybe not as flat as if you add the liner first. Hope that maybe makes better sense. In the end, though, however you do it will be fine! I've never glued 2 liners together, but by the way Addy does it, sounds like it's a no-fail system! Lots of goop, no air in between and voila, you have a seam. Good luck! And, please post before, during and after pics!!!

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