Koi pond advice. New to all this.

Feb 6, 2020
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Man oh man this pond is a roller-coaster ride. Looks like this bog garden project is on hold until this pandemic is over; my wife's work is closed until further notice so she's out of work. My son is too. So I'll just have to make do with what I have so far. Going to finish it sooner or later though.

Time for an update. We lost the goldfish about a week ago. I think he was sick, since he was apt to turn on his side a lot; that's why we named him 'Sideways'. I looked that up and wrote it off to him being sick. A few days later, we lost the orange and white koi. Oh hell, now I know something is going on. That pump has been clogging a lot; for the last week I've had to clean it every day. Each morning the water coming from the UV filter was down to a trickle, so I had my son take some water to Pet Supermarket to get tested and it had high nitrates. Time for action.

I built the dang pump box with the filter media and lava rock and put it in, so now the pump goes 5 or 6 days at full strength before needing a cleaning. I also got some 'nitrate neutralizer' stuff, took 2 bottles, and put that in. The other fish seem to be fine. So that's good.

And today, we realize we lost one of the turtles. It's not dead, it's just... gone. Like, wtf? It can't crawl out, I triple-checked every inch of the pond's border, and he is just gone. Could something have taken him? There has been a hawk hanging around the yard a few days ago...

Losing the goldfish sucked, losing the koi was a heartbreak, now we are majorly bummed about the missing turtle. Hoping he will turn up sooner or later, but I checked every inch of that pond and he ain't there. :( :(


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