OASE Biopress 2400

Jun 20, 2010
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Western Washington
20 years ago we bought two OASE solar pumps. They run on 12-24 V DC. One finally quit after 15 years of service. The other is still pumping.
Based on that experience I consider OASE to be good quality.

I've bought several UVC bulb assemblies. Seems like something always goes wrong. Last one leaked water and burned up. I decided to try one of those pressure filters with the UVC built right in. Figured they're engineered to keep the water out even under a little pressure.

Ordered an OASE Biopress 2400 at Amazon. The seller is pondsupply. The outer box arrived in good shape. Inside, the official OASE box, with a piece of plastic strapping stamped "OASE" wrapped around, was also in good shape.

I plumbed it in, got flow going thru, and plugged in the UVC. No light. Shut it down, disassembled. The filaments look gray and crusty. Shouldn't a new light have shiny filaments? I'm not sure, don't have a new one to compare.

I contacted the seller this morning via Amazon. I'll probably call OASE Monday.

Anyone have any experience with the OASE Biopress filters?

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