Pressure-treated? AlgaeFix? PondZyme Plus?

Sep 11, 2007
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2 weekends ago I built a bridge over part of my pond. I used pressure-treated lumber. We've had a very dry summer and didn't get any rain until Saturday night (Sep 8). When I checked the pond Sunday morning fish were starting to die. Now, Tuesday, I've lost about 40 small fish and one large Koi. (I did add a very small dose of AlgaeFix and PondZyme Plus the same night.... probably less than 1/4 of a usual dose.)

In 3 years I have never had a die-off of fish like this. I am quick to blame the arsenic in pressure-treated wood. But I also built a filter that has the water pumped to the bottom of a plastic garbage can and is filled with pea gravel (about 900-1000 lbs). I don't think this could be the culprit but figure I better mention all the recent changes.

Has anyone else had problems with pressure treated wood over their pond??



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