Where is your pre filter?

Jan 14, 2018
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ince I upgraded my biofilter to a 55 gallon drum. I was thinking about changing my prefilter set up.

ATM its about a 19 gallon file tote with a lid. About 1ft square with lots of holes drilled in it. Inside it is my 1200gph pump with the inside walls covered in squares of furnace filter material (green). This is all submerged with 3 sheets of slate covering the lid so it blends in with the liner. It works great, but I don't like the hight.Itmakes that area look a bit shallow, even tho its not. Not to mention taking space away from the fish.

Do you use an in pond prefilter? Whats it look like? Pics would be great.

Has anyone used the thin round filters? That are only about 3-6 inches tall and a foot or so wide.

My pump has a removable filter cage. Once removed it has a 1 inch threaded adapter. Was thinking of making a DIY round filter and hiding my pump in my skimmer pit with my other pump. Then just running a 1 inch flex pipe between them. Its a submergable pump, but do you think it can be used as an external pump? Or does it need to be in the water to stay cool?

Pump is a Pondmaster 1250 from HD.


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Jun 22, 2011
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I have my mech filter AS my pre-bog filter. I borrowed a 'sock filter' technique from aquarists and it works really well. I like that I can easily get at my filter material (even though it lasted the entire summer unchanged) but it does mean I have to provide a place for it OUTSIDE of the pond and bog. That's the only downside but the other aspects more than make up for that. So, since it's worked so well and is very low maintenance (once in the spring - install new filter sock, once in the fall - take out filter sock and throw away), it's what I suggest for problems like yours.

Maybe this helps.

btw, my 'sock filter' has over1400 sq. inches of filtering area.


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